BASIC I.V. SET (Codan) (70") (B402) (50/Cs)

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BASIC  I.V. SET (Codan) (70") (B402) (50/Cs)

*Please Note*

The Codan B402 set is currently unavailable. However we have the Codan C402 set as a replacement which is nearly identical to the B402 set. The only difference with the C402 set is that it is ventilated. As long as you do not open the vent, the C402 will perform exactly like the B402.

Simply order this product regularly, and you will receive the C402 set in place of the B402 set until stock has been replenished.


  • Length: 70"
  • 20 drops / mL
  • Priming Volume: 20mL
  • Total Content: 50 units per case
  • Non-vented
  • Roller clamp
  • Y-Injection Site
  • Alternative names: IV tubing, Administration set